Amphibian Start-Up Pet

Keeping pets at home keeps you motivated and away from feeling lonely. That is why nowadays, people tend to look for an easy way to raise pets at home.

The most common pets people raise are dogs or cats. If you are more of the adventurous type and want to explore more options, you can opt to have frogs and other amphibians as home partners.

Amphibian as Pets


How can you make your home pets happy and healthy at the same time? Here are some Dos and Don’ts in raising amphibians at home.

Create your own Natural Terrarium Environment Suitable for your Amphibian of Choice – Make your amphibian pet feel at home even when they are away from their natural habitat. Creating your terrarium in your home will surely make your pet comfortable and happy at all times.

Maintain Proper Temperature Carefully – Amphibians are sensitive to temperature as they are cold-blooded species.

Prepare for a Long-Term Commitment – Amphibians are known to have a long life span ranging average from four (4) to fifteen (15) years. If you are prepared to raise one, you will surely be able to keep them longer compared to any other home pet.

Feed Your Amphibian Their Proper Diet – You must know their activity level to determine how often you should feed them in a day. Amphibians mostly only eat live invertebrates like worms, insects, crickets, and roaches.

Clean Environment – Amphibians are sensitive to their surroundings. In order to keep them healthy and away from any possible health problems, you must keep their living conditions clean.


Mix Environments – If you have any or if you are raising other pets in your home, keep your amphibian pets separate from them. Amphibians and any other home pets require different habitat conditions. Mixing them with other species will likely give them bad health conditions.

Use Anything Abrasive in Your Cage or Terrarium Floor – Amphibians have sensitive skin and having abrasives on their cage floor will damage and hurt their skin. Keep their cage surface free from any rough edges.

Recklessly Handle Them – As mentioned, amphibians are sensitive to their surroundings; this includes handling them. To keep them from any health complications, keep your hands clean before handling them. Wash your hands thoroughly before handling them to prevent their skin from irritating.

Here are some of the amphibian pets you can choose from:

White’s Tree Frog

With its petite size, the White’s Tree Frog is number one on this list; it is also known as the best beginner frog for amateur pet owners. With skin that has a waxy coating; it is good to tolerate more rigorous conditions compared to other tree frog species.

White’s Tree Frogs are known to be nocturnal species which makes them more active at night time than in the day. They are also quite docile which is why they are more easy and tolerant to handling.

Pacman Frogs

Even though Pacman Frogs are known to be less active compared to other frogs, they are also easy to handle. Although they are known to be one of the calm ones, they are also aggressive when they feel threatened or when they feel that they are not handled well.

With a round body and large mouth, they are named after the classic game PacMan.

American Green Tree Frogs

Compared to the first two the on list, this one is are timid and is not a fan of handling. The American Green Tree Frogs are small and squirmy.

Also known as nocturnal species, they are quite active at night; especially vocal. They are noisy at night time that is why it is best to keep them out of your bedroom and place their living space somewhere else in your home.

Oriental Fire-Bellied Toads

With their hardy and colorful appearance, the Oriental Fire-Bellied Toads are also best as beginner amphibian pets. They are known to be not difficult to care for.

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