Three Must-Have Food Prep Essentials for Any Home Chef’s Kitchen

As a home chef, there’s no doubt that you enjoy testing new recipes, experimenting with a variety of ingredients, and putting together dishes that make an impression. With that said, much of what you will do in the kitchen tends to be food preparation. Food prep is one of those things that most people don’t exactly enjoy, but they know it’s important so they can start cooking up a fabulous meal. With that in mind we’ve gone ahead and put together a list of three must-have food prep essentials that you’ll want to stock in your kitchen.

High Quality Knives and a Cutting Board

When you think of food preparation, chopping, dicing, slicing, and cutting is obviously where you’re going to be spending the majority of your time. With that said, you can make the job move along a whole lot faster and smoother if you’ve got a set of high quality knives that comes with a variety of types and sizes meant for different tasks. The four main knives you’ll want to be sure your set comes with are a slicing/carving knife, a long serrated bread knife, a paring knife, and what’s called a Chef’s knife that is 8″-10″. From there you can build on your collection and add more.

Of course, in order to do all your chopping, you need a good solid cutting board to work on. Typically, wood cutting boards are a great option and are versatile enough that they can be used with your vegetables and fruits, for mincing all your fresh herbs, and even for carving up fresh cooked meats. Anything from about 8×12 and up will do the trick depending on how big your kitchen is, and how much work surface you have available. As for where to find these style of cutting boards, you can get it at Virginia Boys Kitchens; they sell four convenient sizes.

Food Processor

Now, if you want to speed up prep time and start to become even more efficient in the kitchen, then a food processor is the way to go. Food processors can make quick work of all kinds of chopping, slicing, and dicing. Now depending on the model you get, it may also come with additional attachments that let you use it as a mixer. It may also have a small dough hook, and be able to puree. You’ll probably want to give some thought as to how you plan to use the processor, and then let that answer guide your decision making process when it comes to must-have features.

Food Scale

There’s no doubt that you probably have a whole collection of measuring cups for wet and dry ingredients, but did you know that’s not the most accurate way to measure things? Not only that but you can’t use those cups for every ingredient. That is exactly why any home chef needs a food scale in their kitchen. It takes out all of the guesswork and provides you with incredibly accurate readings.

Master Food Prep Just Like a Professional Chef

Thanks to these kitchen essentials, you’ll be able to master food preparation just like a professional chef does.

The Most Basic Ways of Dealing with Work Stress

Most of the time, people confuse pressure with stress. People experience pressure on a regular basis – no exceptions. This is nothing to be worried about, though, because the truth is, a little pressure can motivate and inspire people to give their absolute best.  It is when this pressure becomes too much to manage that it becomes unhealthy because if experienced regularly, it can result to stress.

One type of stress that needs to be managed right away is work-related stress. Work or occupational stress, as the term implies, is related to one’s job. For instance, you, as an employee can become stressed when unexpected responsibilities and pressures that do not match your skills, knowledge, or expectations suddenly fall into your lap. The stress inhibits your ability to cope with the situation, and that can ultimately lead to bigger problems.

Now, it’s a known fact that most jobs involve some level of stress. The stress can be reasonable, but when it becomes too much and gets to the point where it seems never-ending, then it definitely warrants concern. Too much work-related stress can affect your health, and that’s something that should be avoided at all cost. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with work stress properly.

Dealing with work stress the proper way does not mean that you have to make drastic changes in your lifestyle or work life. Things may seem very challenging, sometimes even insurmountable. Nevertheless, when you take responsibility for improving your overall well-being, dealing with work stress can be a breeze.

Of course, before dealing with work stress as any normal person will – head on – it will do you well to ensure that your response to stress is well-balanced. You can do that by regularly taking in adaptogenic supplements that are known to “prepare” your body for any type of stress that you may face. These supplements are made using several great adaptogenic formulas, which is why it will be a good idea for you to first read reviews to see which one best suits your needs.

When dealing with work stress, first, it’s important that you acknowledge that there is a problem. When you feel overwhelmed with all your duties at work, try to find out if you’re approaching burn out. Symptoms like feeling irritable, depressed, or withdrawn can be signs of work stress. Once you have realized that you are under stress indeed, try to control the stressors around you by taking care of yourself. Increase your physical activity, eat a healthy diet, get enough sleep, and avoid excessive intake of alcohol and nicotine.

In addition, remember that being a good employee does not mean that you always have to say yes to everything that your colleagues ask you to do, especially when you feel that the workload given to you is already too much to handle. If your boss is assigning you tasks that only a superhuman can accomplish within a set time period, be honest with him. Make suggestions to your boss, especially about fair delegation of tasks. Do not commit yourself for things that can only result to non-productive, ineffective, sleepless nights because you deserve a good rest at night, just like everyone else.

Dealing with work stress properly is very important. By simply recognizing your problem, taking care of yourself, and communicating your thoughts and feelings tactfully, you can be rest assured that you’ll have a better, more productive day in the office.

Fast Review on 2018’s Best Dart Board

Choosing the right dart board is one of the essential tasks when starting to learn how to play the darts. However, with so many brands and types of dart boards available in the market today, choosing the best one can be very confusing. Fortunately, there reliable reviews and posts like this that can help you choose the right dartboard specially designed for beginners like you. To start with, here are three popular, reliable, and best dart boards you can choose from:

1. Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard

Product details:

If you want a dartboard that will push your skills to another level, the Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard will help you achieve your goals:

  • Specification:

o    Dimension: 47 cm L x 47 cm W x 4.4 cm D
o    Weight: 10.5 lbs.

  • Wiring system:

o    Doubles: 9mm2 extra scoring area
o    Trebles: 6mm2 extra scoring area
o    Web surface area: 14 percent reduction

  • Dynamic sector wires: 20 percent thinner
    •    Radial wires: 10 percent thinner
    •    Blade angle: 60 degrees inclusive
    •    Tensile strength: increased by 20 percent
    •    Ultra-hard surface
    •    Bulls-eye and 25 rings feature carbon diffusion technology
    •    Durable
    •    Comes with rota-Lock triple-wheel lock and level system for easy and secured rotation

2. Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboard

Product details:

The professional-level staple free dartboard is one of the world’s most advanced dartboards; designed with high-tensile dividers that help reduce the movement of the wire.

  • Specifications:

o    Dimension: 45.21 cm L x 45.21 cm W x 4.57 cm D
o    Weight: 11.02 lbs.

  • Wiring system – Thinner wiring system, including the doubles, trebles, bulls-eye, and the 25 are all 50 percent thinner.
    •    Designed with high visible colors, making it more accurate.
    •    Constructed with Dual Core technology
    •    Outer core: Constructed at lower compression, which helps increase the penetration point by reducing surface resistance.
    •    Inner core: Constructed at higher compression, which helps absorb excess kinetic energy by increasing the resistance below the surface.
    •    The number ring is designed removable to make the board rotate
  1. Viper Shot King Sisal/Bristle Steel Tip Dart Board with Staple-Free Bullseye

If you want to bring a competitive atmosphere, the Viper Shot King Sisal is one of the best choices. The tournament size board is constructed from quality materials, including sisal bristle fibers. Here are its details that you should know:

Product details:

  • Specifications:
    o    Dimension: 45.72 cm L x 45.72 cm W x 3.81 cm D
    o    Weight: 13 lbs.
    •    Compression ring system – The outer fringes are compressed and bound together
    •    Designed with tri-color markings, making it visible and accurate.
    •    The radial sector is designed larger and more improved; with the similar feature as the Winmau 4.
    •    Designed flexible; compatible with soft-tip and steel-tip darts.
    •    Designed with removable low-glare number ring.

There are more details about these three dartboards at TripleBullseye’s site. Also, you can find other reliable dartboards that will help you become a professional dart player.

Kegenix Prime: A Review on the Best-Seller Exogenous Ketone Supplement

Ketone diet is one of the most popular diet techniques today. It is a hot topic on the internet especially on social media. People are talking about how fast it is to lose weight using this new diet plan.

If you are new to ketone diet, know that this regimen is not for the faint of heart. It is challenging and difficult to pursue especially if you are used to high carbohydrates diet.
Ketones diet is a low-carb, high-fat program. With a ketogenic diet, you have to cut more than half of your carbohydrates intake and replace it with more fats. The average carbohydrates intake in a ketogenic diet is only 2 to 5 percentage. Thus, your daily food consumption should comprise of non-starchy vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and oil, and protein.

Most beginners experience ketone flu. It is the effect of transitioning to ketone diet which includes dizziness, nausea, vomiting and lack of energy. For this reason, you need to use exogenous ketone supplement to boost the ketone levels in your bloodstream for faster burning of fats and more energy production.

One of the leading exogenous ketone supplements in the market is Kegenix Prime. This dietary supplement is a creation of Real Ketones, a well-established name in this industry. This item is packed with natural BHB salts in its formula. Kegenix Prime contains all four major BHB salts which are calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium. This formula also has MCT oil which is another type of ketone compound.

The Kegenix Prime has countless benefits. Check out this review to learn more about the advantages of adding this formula to your ketone diet.

What are the Benefits of Kegenix Prime?

  1. Maintain the State of Ketosis- Your body slows down the process of ketosis when you perform less strenuous activities. Using Kegnix Prime helps to maintain ketosis even while performing low key exercises. With this, you can guarantee that you are losing weight without doing hardcore workout programs.
  2. Faster Fat Burning- Unlike most ketone supplement which only contains two to three BHB salts, this formula has all the four major BHB and MCT oil. This formula will help you lose more weight due to the high concentration of ketone compounds. Therefore, it can boost the level of ketones in your bloodstream for faster metabolism and fat burning. Moreover, this formula helps to maintain the number of ketones in your body.
  3. Boosts Energy- Since you get a constant supply of ketones, your body can also generate more energy. Despite the lack of carbohydrates in your diet, you can still do various type of physical activities without affecting your performance and productivity.
  4. Focused Mind- Another benefit of Ketogenix Prime is the ability to support mental clarity and focus. The BHB salts in the formula support higher brain functions so you can do better in any task.

Would like to experience the benefits of Kegenix Prime?

You can access this formula through the leading source of ketone supplements, the Ketones King.

For additional details on the top seller ketones supplements online, check it out right here.

Youtube Marketing: Is the Social Media Platform Worth Investing?

social media marketing

Marketing a business these days have become very tough to compete. Since the rise of social media marketing, increasing visibility to clients has become more doable. This scenario alone puts emphasis on the importance of keeping a very credible and stable online presence. Not only does it broaden the circle of customers that you reach, but it also keeps current clients within reach.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other similar platforms has truly brought digital marketing to a whole new level. However, the question brooding around is if similar platform that is Youtube worth the shot? It has already been used been associated as a spot for vloggers, do you think it’s the perfect fit for your business? Let Benchmarkreporter break this discussion detail by detail.

How does it work?

Most often than not, you don’t hear Youtube as a top of the head idea for a social media platform, but it actually is one. Although Facebook and Instagram play out videos too, Youtube is more focused on short clips and videos. They stock these on the platform and plays it back to the general audience.

However, Youtube posts can easily get disregarded too. You need someone to continuously update your promotional videos so it fits to the current trend. Don’t beat around the bush during the start of the clip. Hit the audience with the information you want to convey right at the moment the video starts else, people would only skip it. Conceptualize and present it in a desirable way that retains the attention of the audience.

how to market online

What are the Important Highlights?

There are several key points when trying to monetise a video to your clients. On top of the list is the content. This is the core of your strategy. However, it’s not just the video itself that catches the attention of people. You need a compelling description that comes with it which contains rich keywords. When users search, these keywords will work its magic in Youtube’s algorithm and eventually push your content to the top.

Another important highlight are the links that pop at the end of your videos. As you noticed, aside from the recommended videos, boxes with links appear at the last moment. Link other videos you have that keeps your users engaged.

In line with that, comments below the videos also help channels interact with the viewers. You get to see how the audience has taken in your promotion and what was the impact to them. On top of that, you and them can share the clips to other websites as well as other social media platforms. It’s creates a network out of a network of clients.

All in all, Youtube has great potentials that help you promote your business in a method that’s more than just photographs and illustrations. Of course, establishing a great amount of followers is important as well; you may check out Social Rank to build your followers in social media. Now, going back to the original question, is it worth it? The facts above all points to one answer, yes it is. It’s a very convenient method of promotion unique features that ensures the conversion rate of content to cash.

Dangers of Ransomware and How You Can Protect Yourself From This

what is ransomware

Ransomware was featured prominently in the summer of 2017 when the WannaCry attack hit thousands of users, becoming one of history’s largest cyber attacks. While the more significant cases involve large companies dealing with huge amounts of data, small businesses and home internet users have been reported to affected by this as well.

While this is a serious cyber security issue, there are ways that you can protect yourself from falling victim to this. Listed below is an overview on what ransomware is, how it works, and what you can do to protect yourself against this.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malware which gets into the users’ system and accessing their files. Once they have gained control of these, they limit the user’s access to these by locking these files down until the user pays the price or the ransom for the decryption key.

The price often depends on the attacker and the magnitude of the attack, but with the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, many ransoms are requested to be paid out in bitcoin.

How Does it Work?

There is a number of ways that a system may get affected by ransomware, the same way other types of malware finds itself into a system. Ransomware can infect a system when users visit malicious or compromised websites. It can also find its way into a system via phishing links often found in spam emails.

Once users click on those links, it either redirects them to a malicious site, or it automatically downloads the file on to your system. Ransomware can also be introduced in to the system via maladvertisements, which are advertisements that contain malware that downloads itself onto the system when the user clicks on these. This is especially common now with online businesses and marketing.

best way to enhance security online

Once it is executed within the system, the malware can either lock the system screen, or encrypt files within the system. In the case of the compromised screen, a full-screen notification is displayed on the screen, informing the user that their system has been compromised, and prevents the user from accessing the system.

This notification also informs the user about the instructions on how to pay the ransom to regain control of their system. If the ransomware is the type to encrypt personal files, access to critical files on the system cannot be accessed in any way or form. Access to the system or the files can only be regained once the user pays the ransom for the decryption key.

Protecting Yourself Against Ransomware

There is no foolproof way to protect yourself completely from ransomware, but there are measures that you can take to minimize the risk of being exposed to this malware.

  • Make sure your system is always kept up-to-date. Everytime your operating system sends out a new patch or system update, it is usually to fix any bugs or vulnerabilities found in the previous version. By keeping your system updated, you guarantee that your system minimizes the number of vulnerabilities in its system.
  • Do not install unfamiliar software. Disable the auto-install option on your system to make sure that any software installation must go through you first. This guarantees that you are familiar with the programs installed on your system and reduces the probability of malware installation.
  • Backup your files. The best way to reduce the damage caused by ransomware is to update your files frequently, so in the event that you do fall victim to this malware, the damage caused isn’t so severe.
  • Invest in VPN. Here are our recommended companies providing VPN services that will fully protect your online information and activities.