Fast Review on 2018’s Best Dart Board

Choosing the right dart board is one of the essential tasks when starting to learn how to play the darts. However, with so many brands and types of dart boards available in the market today, choosing the best one can be very confusing. Fortunately, there reliable reviews and posts like this that can help you choose the right dartboard specially designed for beginners like you. To start with, here are three popular, reliable, and best dart boards you can choose from:

1. Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard

Product details:

If you want a dartboard that will push your skills to another level, the Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard will help you achieve your goals:

  • Specification:

o    Dimension: 47 cm L x 47 cm W x 4.4 cm D
o    Weight: 10.5 lbs.

  • Wiring system:

o    Doubles: 9mm2 extra scoring area
o    Trebles: 6mm2 extra scoring area
o    Web surface area: 14 percent reduction

  • Dynamic sector wires: 20 percent thinner
    •    Radial wires: 10 percent thinner
    •    Blade angle: 60 degrees inclusive
    •    Tensile strength: increased by 20 percent
    •    Ultra-hard surface
    •    Bulls-eye and 25 rings feature carbon diffusion technology
    •    Durable
    •    Comes with rota-Lock triple-wheel lock and level system for easy and secured rotation

2. Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboard

Product details:

The professional-level staple free dartboard is one of the world’s most advanced dartboards; designed with high-tensile dividers that help reduce the movement of the wire.

  • Specifications:

o    Dimension: 45.21 cm L x 45.21 cm W x 4.57 cm D
o    Weight: 11.02 lbs.

  • Wiring system – Thinner wiring system, including the doubles, trebles, bulls-eye, and the 25 are all 50 percent thinner.
    •    Designed with high visible colors, making it more accurate.
    •    Constructed with Dual Core technology
    •    Outer core: Constructed at lower compression, which helps increase the penetration point by reducing surface resistance.
    •    Inner core: Constructed at higher compression, which helps absorb excess kinetic energy by increasing the resistance below the surface.
    •    The number ring is designed removable to make the board rotate
  1. Viper Shot King Sisal/Bristle Steel Tip Dart Board with Staple-Free Bullseye

If you want to bring a competitive atmosphere, the Viper Shot King Sisal is one of the best choices. The tournament size board is constructed from quality materials, including sisal bristle fibers. Here are its details that you should know:

Product details:

  • Specifications:
    o    Dimension: 45.72 cm L x 45.72 cm W x 3.81 cm D
    o    Weight: 13 lbs.
    •    Compression ring system – The outer fringes are compressed and bound together
    •    Designed with tri-color markings, making it visible and accurate.
    •    The radial sector is designed larger and more improved; with the similar feature as the Winmau 4.
    •    Designed flexible; compatible with soft-tip and steel-tip darts.
    •    Designed with removable low-glare number ring.

There are more details about these three dartboards at TripleBullseye’s site. Also, you can find other reliable dartboards that will help you become a professional dart player.

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