Top Four Things to Know When Buying a Trampoline

Are you planning to buy a trampoline? Is it going to be your first time buying one? Before rushing to the local store you should consider the trampoline’s right size, shape, and more, to ensure the jumper’s safety, especially the children. In fact, according to the statistics, at about a hundred thousand trampoline-related injuries are recorded each year.

Here are the top things you need to know when buying a trampoline:

  1. Check your jumping area

Do you have enough space to install the trampoline?

The availability of the jumping area is crucial; it will decide which size of trampoline you should purchase. Trampolines come in different sizes ranging from 8 feet round to 15 feet in diameter. If you have a larger place, you may consider large-sized trampolines; however, if you have limited space, a smaller type of trampoline is your best option.

Also, make sure the place where you are planning to install the trampoline is on softer terrain, like on a grassy area to reduce risk of injury in case the jumper falls off the trampoline.

  1. Look for a trampoline with safety features

Every trampoline should be safe to use; unfortunately, not all brands that you can find in the market today are able to meet the ASTM International’s standard; which could put your children’s safety at risk.

Safety matters a lot; so, when buying a trampoline, make sure to look for these following features:

  • Get one with a safety net or a flexible enclosure
    •    Adequately padded trampoline, especially over the springs, the frame, and the poles.
    •    Durable and sturdy frame; preferably, made from galvanized steel.
    •    Does not have gaps on the enclosure.
    •    Rust-resistant trampoline springs.
    •    Handlebars for kids – If the trampoline users are 0 to 5 years old look for a trampoline with handlebars; the additional feature will allow maximum stability.
  1. Choosing the right surface area

As mentioned, trampolines come in different sizes; however, each of these sizes is assigned for a particular number of jumpers.

  • 6 feet diameter mat surface area – Ideal for one jumper.
    •    8 feet diameter mat surface area – Ideal for one or two jumpers
    •    12 feet diameter mat surface area – Ideal for two to three jumpers
    •    15 – 16 feet diameter mat surface – Ideal for three to five jumpers.

If you want to purchase a trampoline that will support multiple jumpers, you can choose oval-shaped trampolines.

  1. The weight capacity

Each trampoline has a weight capacity. If you are going to buy a trampoline today, make sure to consider the total weight of the users.

Will a 12 feet diameter mat surface support the total weight of the jumpers when all of them decided to use the trampoline at the same time? Weight capacity matters; if you ignore the fact that a trampoline with a 375-pound weight capacity can only handle a total weight of jumpers below 375 pounds, expect your trampoline jumping surface mat to tear apart. So, choose a trampoline that can support the weight of the jumpers.

There are a lot of things to know more about trampolines by reading about them online.

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