Yoga Classes in Cardiff

Yoga classes teach anyone how to work with the body and mind to achieve strength, revitalization and relaxation. They are usually held in light spaces with limited number of attendees to maximize personal attention with several experienced and qualified teachers who represent different yoga traditions. They usually offer a friendly approach to yoga practices which suit everyone regardless of age and health.

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Yoga Classes are of different types and some of which are the following:

Beginner’s course

A beginner’s yoga course is good for those who want to find out about yoga and practice it for the first time. While yoga classes or courses typically suit most people, those who are pregnant, injured or have health issues need to inform the teacher beforehand.

Hence, those who want to find out what yoga is all about out of curiosity, or completely new to yoga or want to try it can take a beginner’s course. One can take this course to learn the fundamentals of yoga from scratch. The non-beginners who already have taken yoga class can come back to renew their practice after taking some time away to strengthen their existing practice’s foundation.

Meditation yoga

Meditation yoga introduces students to the main elements of yoga in a progressive way. It is about breathing, posture and relaxation. Some students of this class are amazed of how easier it is to sit relaxed after a session. They enjoy the quiet, staying still and the smooth transition from “Savasana,” meditation and to their “outside” life. It is believed that meditation can help people cope with life’s difficulties. As the Hindu scripture Bhagavad Gita says, “Even a little practice of meditation will free you from dire fears and colossal sufferings.” Those who attend meditation yoga mostly appear calm and relaxed, even in stressful and challenging situations.

Yoga for pregnancy

Yoga classes for pregnant women can be during pregnancy or postnatal period. They are relaxing and nurturing classes that are fine for all stages of pregnancy. Some classes give attendees a practical understanding of the physiological process of birth and help the women understand and prepare to give birth. The class can at times outline a birth experience, go through a simulated birth giving while considering which massage and yoga technique applies to assist each stage of the labor process.

Baby massage and yoga

This class combines massage and yoga so attendees can effectively respond to the needs of their infants from the first month to the fourth. Women can learn the importance of a loving touch, connection and bonding in creating happy relationships within their families. They can also learn useful tips to help calm and relax their children.

Well woman yoga

The well woman yoga is a specialized type of class for women who want to enhance their health, support and strengthen their mind and body to be able to cope up with the daily challenges. This class can be helpful for women who are trying to conceive, with young kids, with hormonal and menstrual issues as well as those in their menopausal period.

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